Man Crush: Tom Hardy & All The Dogs Ever

Remember that one time when I wrote about Hugh Jackman Holding Things and there were puppies and stuff? Well, in the same vain of that prior Man Crush (not that I haven’t stopped crushing on Hugh – OMG NVR BB), here comes Tom Hardy, wrangler of puppies large and small.

Boo you can come crey on my sholders!

Since the internet is currently blowing up over Tom Hardy doing a cuddles with a pup, I thought I would use my Tia Google to see what other things he has cuddled previously, as in not me. Low and behold, there are quite a few pups that have found their way in Tom’s muscled arms that I wouldn’t mind being wrapped in like a hot dog wrapped in bacon.

Tom’s current crush:


And so now I give you to you, Tom Hardy & All the Dogs, Ever:

Baby Tom?



I feel that is room for one more on that chair.

Lab Time!

I can’t

& now I’m:

Thanks, Tom Hardy, for being probably the most adorable dude ever and this week’s Man Crush