The Incredible Burt Wonderstone Review (CONTAINS SPOILERS)

Originally, I was planning to go see The Call in theaters, but my plans fell through and I ended up seeing The Incredible Burt Wonderstone. When I first watched the trailer for the movie on televisison, I automatically assumed the movie was going to be all laughs and just a completely silly movie with no moral. I was right about the all laughs part, but I was very wrong about the no moral part. The movie actually turned out to have a very truthful moral that was shown through the movie with comedy.

In The Incredible Burt Wonderstone, Steve Carell, who plays Burt Wonderstone, and his long time friend Anton Marvelton played by Steve Buscemi made their childhood dreams of being professional magicians come true by headlining a Las Vegas magic show as partners. About ten years along the road, Burt and Anton’s show starts to become stale, leaving the two very bitter towards each other. Then Steve Gray comes in, played by Jim Carrey, and makes the the situation for the two even worse, leaving them jobless and no longer friends. With the help of Burts new friend, Jane, Burt starts to learn the true definition of magic again and starts to rediscover what made him want to become a magician in the first place. Burt, realizing that he can’t go on in his magic act without Anton, restores their friendship, which leaves the two having to come up with a daring stunt of their own to regain an audience.

The talented cast played very spot on and created believable characters that were also very hilarious to watch! Steve Carell’s performance was especially believeable, starting off playing a very cocky character who, towards the end of the movie, has gained a heart. The character who made the movie the most laughable was by far Jim Carry, playing his role very exagerated, which made his character even funnier. The most believable performance for me would have to be Olivia Wilde, who played Jane. Olivia made her character into someone very likeable, that you sort of root for the whole movie.

The moral of the story, to me was that in life, you have to remember your roots and where you came from in order to be successful in your career and in life. The movie also reminds you to always remember what originally gave you a passion for what you love to do in life so your passion won’t just become something that stresses you out.

I absolutely love The Incredible Burt Wondeerstone and I highly recommend you grab a few of your friends and go see the movie. You will be laughing the whole movie and you will leave the theater with a very good message. There is a little bit of everything in the movie so it’s truly a movie for anyone to enjoy. I hope you get around to seeing it, because you won’t regret it!