Hannabeth Attends The Host Screening

Last night my friend Kyle Kaplan and I went to The Host screening at the Arclight Cinema in Hollywood. I knew I would be a fan because the same author who wrote Twilight also wrote The Host.

I really enjoyed this film! First of all, the boys in it are total babes and you can never go wrong with a good sci-fi film. The movie is about a girl who has to use her strength against the alien taking over her body. With all her love and compassion for her family and boyfriend she is able to fight the force and experience a journey you will have to see to believe! Once the movie was over, the cast came out and answered questions from the crowd. Once the questions were done, we went to the after party where I got to chill with some of my fellow Buzzmakers. We got to take some photos and eat delish snacks!

The Host will be out March 29th! You definitely don’t want to miss out on this one.

Are you planning to see this movie?