DSDS 10th Season – Episode Fifteen Recap [#1 Live Show]

Here we are with the first live show of DSDS 10th season.

[Check out the whole episode HERE – thanks RTL.de]

Even though I was pretty impressed about the fact Grundy website reported the beginning of the show at 5:30pm while on RTL there was a countdown badge that said the show started at 8:15pm, I was like: what? It should be a live show and then they pre-recorded broadcast?

After several moments while my mind was trying to find a solution, my brilliant brain found that since you don’t have the ticket with you but you have to get it at Coloneum, they spent 2 hours and 45 for coming in all the people and then the show started.

If only it was reported on the website, and not only this fact but tons of others, the organization could be clearer.

By the way…

Nazan and Raul, the two hosts, introduces the preview of the show with the 6 rating-candidates: Lisa, Bjoern, Sarah Joelle, Fairuz, Talina and Simone. Only two of them will go through Top 10. Who will be? We will discover after the break 😉

10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1!

It’s time for DSDS!

The jury comes in. Woooow Bill seems an Ai Yazawa’s character from Paradise Kiss manga. He’s so classy and hot, oh Lordy! But also my brother in law is really really gorgeous. Mateo rocks his usual sunnies and Dieter wears a scarf!

It’s the time of the truth.

With 27,6% the first of the six candidates to go through is Lisa. Totally unexpected!

The second, with 22,1% is Simone. YAAAAAAAY! I’m freaking happy! A little part of Italy in DSDS live show.

Fuck Sarah Joelle, you are the last of the list, hahaha nobody loves you!

Fairuz as usual cries all her tears out, so so pathetic!

By the way, the Top 10 greets the audience with a performance on “What A Feeling?” (Flashdance theme). So cool! Then Nazan and Raul gives the numbers for voting the candidates 😉 such a shame I can vote for my favorites!

Susan is the first one.

A little introducing video shows her DSDS journey, her private life with her husband and the time spends with her parents and brother + her performances in pubs.

The song choice is “All By Myself”. She completely rocks!

Mateo calls her Susan Dion haha Tom compliments with her.

Bill says it was the perfect opening for the show. “You sing, play the piano. You are perfect!”

Also Dieter, obviously, spends great words for her!

Raul is in the candidates lounge. Olivia Jones, a drag queen, is the mascotte of the night and it’s been shown a video where the acts introduces Olivia 😉

Timo is the second one.

In the introduction video you can see how has been hard for the boy impressed Dieter and finally during the Recall, the Poptitan spent amazing words for him and not just “it’s an ok performance”.

The song choice is “Viva La Vida”. He’s really nervous though and the song is such hard too.

Mateo hasn’t good words for Timo and Tom is agree “probably you were nervous, there’s the audience..”, Bill tells him that the performance was good but he’s sure the next time will be better.

Beatrice, the Queen schlager of DSDS. In the intro-video, with Heidi music in the background, she milks the cows haha

The song choice is “Ich liebe das Leben” and with a tight red dress she enchants the crowd and caresses Dieter awww cute!

Mateo says she sung good but he wants she sings also other songs and not only schlager; Tom sees she’s having fun and he’s having too with the schlager, even though he never liked it.

Bill tells she’s so natural singing this genre and compliments with her; Tom also adds that Mateo wears red too just like Beatrice and Dieter doesn’t understand why Mateo has to be disagree. Dieter mentions two schlager singers saying they are really famous even though they sing only schlager.

Raul is still in candidates lounge and on RTL’s app are arriving tons of messages from fans.

In the intro-video of Maurice it couldn’t miss his fight with Nora and Jennifer in Curaçao plus he teaches dancing to the kids, how cute!

“Whistle” is the song choice.

Mateo just says: “Absolut HAMMA!” aka “absolutely awesome!”.

Bill idolizes him saying he’s a perfectionist and so professional and Tom adds other compliments.

Dieter: “you have a wonderful voice!”

Erwin is the next one. In his introduction video you can see the boy practicing gym and his DSDS jourìney.

“Next To You” is the song choice.

Once again, his performance isn’t so good, just like the last time in Curaçao and I don’t understand why he passed while Bojan is already out! I mean, Erwin is great, he showed to be great inthe auditions and in the first part of Recall but then I don’t know, maybe he’s just nervous, but I didn’t like him in this performance. I know he can do better!

Mateo: “I think Justin Bieber and r’n’b aren’t in your style” and also Tom and Bill are agree.

As usual Dieter says it like it is: “you aren’t Chris Brown from New York, you are Erwin!”

In Nora’s video we know her parents, she’s Arabian.

“Back To Black” is the song choice.

How cute is her mom with the support-board?

Mateo says he’s a huge fan of her voice but Amy Winehouse is hard to sing and she didn’t get her best!

Tom thinks the problem is the song choice, while Bill tries to muffle the situation saying her family is sweet but also for him the performance wasn’t good and the same for Dieter.

Poor Nora! She’s such an amazing singer, I love her! I heard worst performances than her one though!

Ricardo finally can perform in live shows. In his intro-video you can see the broken dream of two years ago when he has been sent home during Recall, but now he can be proud to be here!

“Love Song” is the song choice, played with the piano.

I can say probably Ricardo is the only one who did a great path in DSDS since the auditions. I mean, his voice grow up a lot and I’m so happy for him. I love listen to him singing.

Mateo tells him to have a beautiful voice and compliments also for have played the piano. BRAVO!

Tom says the song is amazing and so the performance and Bill adds: “I can’t say nothing, just PERFECT!” and Dieter spends for him other great words and compliments.

Tim and his bad past with a violent father is reminded in his intro-video and the song choice is “Here Without You” (this song is dedicated to my angel, I love it!)

And def this is in my top 3 of best performances of the night!

Mateo thanks Tim and also says: “I think your voice is sensational!”

Tom thinks this is the best performance of the night (“you are authentic and your voice is perfect”) and Bill thanks Tim for all the emotions he gave and Dieter adds other compliments.

And now it’s time to see the performance of the two candidates saved thanks ratings.

Lisa is the first with “I’m Like A Bird” and the girl receives a lot of compliments from the jury.

I’m not a Lisa fan though.

While Simone, which intro-video has like background music “L’Italiano” by Toto Cutugno, sings “End of the road” and impresses the judges.

Mateo: “ciao fratello” [“hi brother”] GO MATEO GO hahah

The all jury compliments with Simone and Dieter adds: “You gave me a lot of emotions!”

So after a little recap of all the performances is time to vote for your favorite.

Tonight we have the first elimination.

Tom and Bill thinks the first to leave will be Erwin, Timo or Nora; Dieter expresses his vote for his favs: Ricardo and Nora.

Unfortunately Nora has to leave.

Damn, I would like to know who voted! She hasn’t been the only one with the less good performance tonight. NO COMMENT!


Which is your favorite performance of the night?

What do you think about Nora’s leaving?

Are you agree with ratings about Lisa and Simone entering in the Top 10?