Be Your Own Valentine: The Buzznet Valentine’s Day Badge!

It’s that time of year, Buzznet, when everyone is gross and in love. Nevermind the massacres that occurred on those dates in years gone by because this is a day for lovers! It’s Valentine’s Day on Buzznet!

Maybe that’s not healthy

If you are like me and you are single, come join me all this week as everyone posts heart shaped everythings and what not. It’s going to be a hoot! To sweeten the pot a bit, we have this snazzy little badge for you to unlock:

It’s cute and you want it

How to earn this badge:

Create! – blog or share photos of the things you love. We want to see what makes your heart beatComment! – Comment on your favorite Valentine’s Day things your friends post

Make sure that when you create that you use the tag “valentinesday” – Same goes for comments. Comments on posts with the “valentinesday” tag and that lovely badge will be yours.

Don’t forget to send me cards or I will be sadface:


Need some activities to get you started? Well, we are on Week 2 of the Feruary Photo Challenge. This week, we are blogging, creating, and posting photos with the theme “Something You Love.”

Our fabulous Buzznet Storytellers also want to know what you did during the Great Buzz-pocalypse – that period when Buzznet had the sick and no one could really post.

We can’t wait to see what you all post! Now go get to it 😀