Fall Out Boy Live At The Roxy: ‘So Long Live Car-Crash Hearts’

Last night I saw Fall Out Boy play live at The Roxy in Hollywood; and I am still in a euphoric state. As all of you know, FOB have put an end to their hiatus and will be virtually taking back the music scene in 2013. With a huge tour planned in support of a new record, Fall Out Boy will absolutely take the forefront for rock this year. After all, their new album is titled Save Rock and Roll. #musicrules.

More Fall Out Boy photos from The Roxy

Getting tickets to Thursday night’s show was a challenge, but well worth all the anxiety I faced this week. The energy in the small club was tangible and the excitement could have powered an iPhone for days. When the intro for “Thriller” began, everyone in the 500 capacity club was in the palm of FOB’s hands.

With no opening act, Patrick Stump, Joe Trohman, Pete Wentz and Andy Hurley triumphantly took the stage to a roaring crowed of fans who had been waiting with baited breath for their return. Patrick was practically glowing from sweat and bliss the entire night — as his soulful voice filled the room while encouraging the right balance of crowed participation. As a live band, I would say Fall Out Boy has changed. They sounded tighter than ever and had the energy of four young 20-year-olds who had just gotten their big break. They seemed simply happy to be playing music and constantly expressed the appreciation for the patience from fans.

The 22-song set list featured songs both old, new, and very new. The set included several songs off their 2003 release “Take This To Your Grave,” and because of that, Pete made a note to inform the crowed FOB would not be playing an anniversary tour for the record. He said, “We wanted to give you more.” To be honest, the crowd’s enthusiasm was the most intense during songs like “ Grand Theft Autumn,” “Tell That Mick” and “Saturday.” The feverish pit was jumping, thrashing, dancing, and screaming back each word as they left Patrick’s mouth.

A little of “Nobody Puts Baby In The Corner.”

It was exhilarating to be in the pit around peers who were just as enthusiastic about this special show. It felt the way I would imagine it is to sit courtside at a NBA game; you’re right in the action and can see the sweat on the players’ faces.

I also had the opportunity to bounce around with fellow FOB lover — Cassadee Pope! At the end of the set Cassadee launched herself up into the crowed to the stage joining her old friends for, “Sugar We’ve Going Down.” Initially the stage handler tried to remove her, but Pete quickly came to the rescue and surrendered his mic to The Voice winner. It was rad. Also a quick adorable Cassadee moment, when they went into “America’s Sweethearts,” during the medley she exclaimed, “My song!”

Video of Cass having the most fun ever!

Overall I am exhausted, my body hurts and I couldn’t be happier about it. Seeing Fall Out Boy come back with such vengeance was incredible. This year is going to be incredible for Fall Out Boy fans. We missed you FOB and from last night’s show I can say with confidence, they missed us too.

Are you going to see Fall Out Boy this year?

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