Dani Vitale’s NYC Adventure

New York City.

Never enough time inside you.

You always teach me a lot of things about life, about myself, and about others when I come to visit. This time was pretty cool. For the mere 48 hours I hung out with you this time, it was eventful. My trips here are always life advancing and I go home in a different headspace.

You were hosting Social Media Week, where BUZZmedia came and participated in a panel discussion with two other Buzzmakers. We conversed about influences, brand outreach, authenticity and a ton of other words I can’t pronounce or know the meaning to. In other words, my first big girl job, guys dressed in suits carrying brief cases, not as costumes for a themed shoot, but for real… 21st Century Mad Men style. I found myself comparing people I met to television characters. It was so awesome to be apart of a study and to feel needed. To feel feelings of significance, matchlessness, and respected individuality was incredible. We all want to acquire those feelings in any aspect of life we can. They can’t be beat, or faked.

You were dark, cold, windy, and made me wear my pea coat with gloves, a hat and scarf everywhere. But I wouldn’t of had it any other way. Waking up at the crack of dawn, going onto the streets with the hustle and bustle on their way to their morning americano is therapeutic to me. I enjoy being shoved around and stepped on as people rush to their next destination. It makes me energized and excited about my day, getting me amped up to see what I am going to conquer, either Top Shop or a panel discussion lol.

As I sit at a Starbucks waiting to take a cab to the airport for my flight home, I get so sad I’m leaving you. But also excited not knowing the next time we will see one another and what adventures it will bring. 48 hours, or 2 weeks, it never seems like I get enough time with you. I always want to accomplish more. As I travel back to the west coast, I won’t forget anything you taught me this time.

Love, Dani