BUZZNET Exclusive: Emily Hearn ‘The Scientist’ Cover

Man, do we love love love YouTube covers! Being that Coldplay is close to perfect, covering any of their songs is a tough gig — but Emily Hearn is one of the very best we’ve heard as of late. Though this isn’t the newest Coldplay song, Emily tells us why she chose “The Scientist” out of all of Coldplay’s amazing songs; “I have the deepest respect for Coldplay. Their music is dynamic, beautiful, emotional, and it has always inspired me. ‘The Scientist’ drew me in from the very beginning; It has been in my top five favorite songs for a long time, and I couldn’t wait to sing it.”

With a hauntingly beautiful voice at only 22-years-old, keep your eyes peeled, because we guarantee this name will be heard more and more as the buzz around her only continues to heighten.

With plans to release a new EP to the follow up of Red Balloon, Emily is currently on tour with The Neighbors, Holly Williams, Drew Holcolmb, and Ari Hest.

Take a gander at Emily’s cover of “The Scientist” and see why we love her so much.

What are your thoughts on this beautiful cover by this up and coming gal Emily Hearn?

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