Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 – Info Update #48

Hello guys, it’s a while I don’t post a DSDS update blog but I was waiting for more news and stuff so here I am.

Check out the new report from RTL – Punkt 12 of this morning: HERE

Few candidates are interviewed and I simply can’t understand why the most part of them aren’t able to learn an only one song for the RECALL audition and definitely those girls can’t wrong “Read All About It”, it’s such an awesome song!

And this is a new promo commercial of the episode of tomorrow: HERE

Finally we have the confirms of the first DSDS live show:

The live shows will start March 16, 2013, according to GRUNDY Light Entertainment, the production company of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. All 8 theme shows, and also the grand finale, will be aired live once a week on Saturdays at 8.15 PM (German Time).

This is Jennifer, one of the contestants, posing with Bill and Tom in Curaçao 😉


Two new photos from Recall in Curaçao (unluckily in LQ)

Don’t forget a new DSDS episode, tomorrow night always on RTL, always at 8:15pm 😉