And The Winner Is…? – The X Factor 16th Live Show Recap [Episode 27]

Finally I had a few hours of time for enjoying The X Factor grand finale and I really hope you appreciate this final recap blog I’m gonna right row now.

I don’t think I will follow the next US season since probably Britney will not be among the judges, if I will have time I could enjoy the episodes but don’t reviewing them because I will not have a lot of time spending about reviews (probably I will do also for DSDS)

By the way on December 20 it was the grand finale.

So let’s see what happened that night!

Mario and Khloe are outside the venue waiting for the judges, Khloe is the first to greet L.A. which says it’s a nervous night, while Demi tells Mario to be excited to see who’s gonna to win, Khloe complimets with Simon’s chest hair OMG hahaha and Britney is the only one to open herself her door’s car (such down on earth woman) and she enchantes the crowd with this awesome black long dress:

The hosts greet also the two performers of the night: Pitbull and One Direction.

The X Factor judges walk on stage under Europe’s The Final Countdown jingle and then the three finalists come into the venue walking the red carpet on “All You Need Is Love” notes.

But let’s start the night with a hilarious video of the best L.A.’s moments on The X Factor.

Mario: You’re like a conductor!

So… Tate is the first to perform tonight, the episode is dedicated to Holidays Songs and our man sings “Please Come Home for Christmas”

L.A. congratulates with him for the amazing job and he wish the best for tonight!

Family and friends support Tate in a lovely video and our cowboy moves and thanks everyone!

But also Simon had his best moments this year, and in the end he turns as The Grinch hahaha OMG!!!!

Fifth Harmony performs on “Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)”

Also Simon wants to tell how proud is of the girls and then they watch a touching video of their families and friends.

Also Brit is moved and please stop to say she didn’t do nothing in this show apart saying: “amazing” and clapping hands, she moved and cried a few times and showed to have a heart, so shut your mouth if you only judge without have seen the whole show!

Britney’s best faces hahaha OMG it’s sooo funny! Check them out :

“All I Want For Christmas Is You” is Carly Rose’s Holiday song and Britney is proud of her act too and she says: “She amazes me everytime she performs”, also Simon spends few words for the 13 year old girl saying: “She has a huge career ahead her!”

And also for Carly there’s an adorable video support by her family and friends

Khloe in the meanwhile asks which is own fav to some girls in the crowd outside.

But now we revealing the name of the third place.

Judges and their acts are on stage and our hosts reveal that the third place goes to…


I think they are the ones who believed less to all that because they started from zero, and like Khloe previously said: they started as strangers and now they are like sisters.

I’m really proud of them and I wish them all the best.

I knew they signed a contract with Simon Cowell’s record label so I’m pretty excited to listen their new songs.

In a video we relive their amazing journey 🙂

Khloe is in the backstage which the last two finalists and their families, both shared their thoughts and emotions before the big news of the night.

It’s time to relive in a video all this journey and I have to say it’s something of unbelievable.

I felt me involved in this experience too, I followed each episodes since the beginning also during audtions recordings and I wrote and updated anything here.

I’m glad to have discovered new amazing US talents and I hope to see them live soon.

Once again, Khloe meets in the backstage few of the ex contestants which wish a good luck to Carly and Tate.

And after Pitbull and One Direction’s performances and have seen the sassiest Demi’s moment on The X Factor, we are glad to enjoy to the last performance of the night before the result.

Carly and Tate sing on Miley Cyrus “The Climb”

This is the moment.

After weeks of work here we are for revealing the winner of the second The X Factor season.

Britney, Carly, L.A. and Tate walk on stage and wait for the result.

And the winner is….


I’m glad he won because he really needed it as he always said.

Carly has the whole life ahead her, she’s young, talent and determinate, I’m sure there’s a place in music industry also for her.

Thank you so much for all your support, your comments, buzzes and suggestions all over these months.

So what do you think about Tate’s win?