Sunday Polyvore Mood Board 1/27

This week I am feeling very simple. The tempature has been in the low 20’s! Coldest it has been all Winter. I have been hibernating inside by the fire place in comfy clothing as often as possible! I have a new addiction to strawberries and raw kale, don’t get me wrong I have always loved them… but recently it is all I want to eat. Later today im shooting the final products for Crystal Cactus and hopinh to launch it within a few days! I made my dead sea salt bath srubs in glass honey jars last night and tried them out and they were amazing.

This full moon in Leo mixed with the veil lifting had turned people into total psycho’s. People can’t hide anymore ad pretend to be something they are not. It becomes very obvious and sometimes scary. Im gearing up for Fashion Week at the moment, getting invites and looks together. Fashion Week is one of those things that at the time you want to crawl under a bed and resurface when it’s over. Down the line for some reason you always look back with fond memories, I haven’t understood this concept yet.

I have been drinking Chamomile tea my whole life all day even in the morning, I never understood it because it’s not something you drink when your trying to wake up. Recently I read an article about how negitive energy is repelled by Chamomile, very intresting. Do your mind, body and soul a favor and stock up!

current obsessions: vegan nutella, chunky craft glitter on nails, rose face masks, lavender bed time tealights around my room, not letting anything control me, revamping my studio and office, documentries on watch instand Netflix, morning kitty cuddles, adding lemon to my tea, reading my energy blogs in the bubble bath, revamping my dreamcatchers.