Question Of The Day: Which Dreams Will You Make Come True In February?

Let’s talk about aspirations and the month of February. Even if the dream you want to come true is all about eating some hella good pizza, I want to hear about. This is your month, dreams.

I don’t really have anything planned for the month of Feruary. Mostly, February is the month that I reserve for hating everything because it’s Valentine’s Day. It’s my month to bask in in my singledom as my friends that are hitched complain about having to jump through hoops to make Valentine’s Day speshul for their beloved ones.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not opposed to jumping through hoops, I just haven’t found the right hoops to jump through if you catch my drift. Maybe I’ll fall in love this month. The likelihood of that happening is not high, though. I’m just saying.

Anyway, lest I blather on and sound even more depressing than I mean to sound, let’s talk about next month and what you’re doing to make your dreams a reality. It’s not that you have to cross entire things off your bucket lists, you just have to get the ball rolling. It’s hard to make things happen. As long as you are doing what you need to do to get that ball going full speed, you’re on the track, baby (you were born this way).

Which dreams will you make come true next?