Hot Or Not? Ke$ha Gets Fiercely Patriotic

Ke$ha‘s coolness is pretty much immeasurable at this point. Like it’s beyond science and politics and philosophy and magic how awesome she is. I certainly didn’t need any more proof of this wondrous fact (yes, FACT), but if you do, just feast your eyes on the kit the songer wore to the RIAA Presidential Inaugural Charity Benefit on Jan 21st. Our girl showed up in a bright red power suit by Paul & Joe, customized with sparkly blue sequined stars and accessorized with some pretty amazing chunky bow-laden heels, a ton of rings, and a jeweled headband (which I usually HATE but for some reason on her it warms my heart with the heat of 1,000 suns). Also HER MAKE-UP. I. Just. Can’t. I wish a photo of her in this outfit was on the dollar bill so I could have it in my wallet always (but not the five because I’m kinda broke).

What do you think of her look?


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