DSDS 10th Season – Episode Three Recap

As usual I had several problems with streaming link yesterday so I just watched the episode again and I’m ready to write a litte review with photos, videos and personal thoughts about this third episode of DSDS.

If you want to check the whole episode click HERE [thanks RTL.de]

Wincent Weiss (19) is the first contestant of this episode. He’s a skateboard lover and he learnt to singing throughout videos from web. Now he wants to get RECALL for feel him sure.

He also don’t know who is his father, I think Bill and Tom could be linked with him in someway, even though they know who their father is, the relationship has never been so closed.

Wincent sings a German song with the guitar, I have to say that I like his voice and I don’t know if the song is by Xaiver Naidoo, since I don’t know all his song, but Wincent’s voice reminds me a lot his one.

Wincent got compliments by all the judges and he got RECALL

[If you want to check only his performance, click HERE]

Dasha Kungurdseva (24) studied singing and dancing. Before to let us hear her voice she dances and OMG she’s so pathetic but she’s sure to be great and OMG she’s sweating like a pig hahaha pleaseeeeeeeee

This is the best moment when she picks her iPhone for the music base and goes on the piano and start to sing, OMG guys! If she studied singing, her teacher was deaf of something, because how she studied singing and she can’t singing?!?? But she wanted to show how musical she is XD

Tom who started to drink almost spits it out hahah Bill can’t stop to laugh, Mateo is frozen XD

Definitely not, she doesn’t pass and I think it was obvious!

[If you want to check only her pathetic performance, click HERE]

Please welcome Christopher Freise (24), the King’s party of the Ruhr region. HAHAHA OMG, he wears a sombrero and Hawaiian flowers necklace and please his laugh is so retarded hahaha Compliments to the DSDS editing because it rocks XDDD

And also his amazing song, I’m sure it will come a hit really soon!

Of the series: when the voice isn’t enough, candidates aim for embarrassing performance!

He also made some push-ups.

It’s clear what Dieter thinks: the poor pig does anything, but can does nothing! HAHAHA

Bill is completely disgusted by Christopher and our King XD gets Dieter his sombrero.

Dieter, when Christopher was out, throws the sombrero away hahaha

[If you want to check only the performance of the King’s party, click HERE]

It’s time to meet two friends: Alina Bachmann (19) and his friend Manuel Caggegi (19)

Alina loves Dieter and it makes me think to Panda, a woman who went to The X Factor USA only for Simon because she loved him ahaha

Ok, Alina gladly does jogging. Erm, excuse me: where? Forward the fridge? XD I won’t be rude but it’s pretty clear that jogging isn’t enough.

She sings “Beautiful” by Christina Aguilera.

Dieter says her she’s definitely a honey but her only one problem is the concentration. She should does it during she’s singing even though her voice is ok.

Bill and Tom had fun and she got RECALL. OMG she screams and shouts so loud XDDD

[If you want to check out only her performance, click HERE]

Now it’s Manuel’s turn. Alina cheers for him from above.

Judges ask him how they met and he said they met at a Justin Bieber concert.

Bill then ask him the meaning of his chest’s tattoo and he says is a verse from Britney Spears “Someday” song [written few weeks ago to know to be pregnant by Sean Preston and dedicated to him]. Dieter likes that song, OMG, I love you Dieter!!!!

Bill thinks it’s a bit weird the combination Britney Spears – Justin Bieber. You aren’t the only one, babe!

Manuel says he’s a huge Britney’s fan (his nickname is “Popcorn Bitch”) and he also has another Britney tattoo on his calf.

He sings “Oops I Did It Again” by Britney but unfortunately it’s a NO.

[If you want to check only his performance, click HERE]

It’s time to see few of the weirdest moments in DSDS history: there’s a girl with Alvin & The Chipmunk’s voice ahahaha poor girl XD it seems she’s poking fun on the judges but its her real voice. Then a contestant wasn’t glad to hear a “no” by one of the judges and throw him the water inside the glass XD One act even fainted after a “No” and one has been arrested during the audition of another contestant. Definitely weird!!!

Simone Mangiapane (27) is another contestant. He was born in Sicily and when he was young he had a pipe in his throat 🙁 I’m so sorry for him, from that period remains a scar and obviously the memory of that bad period. He considers his mom like a queen and he sings for the jury “Just The Way You Are” by Bruno Mars.

The judges repay him with RECALL.

Tom says that especially the refrain part was really good and there was a lot of feeling when he sung.

[If you want to check only his performance, click HERE]

Amin Ezzahir (16) is the last contestant for this episode. He likes singing, dancing and beatboxing. He could be good with beatboxing but for me he talks too much and he’s insolent and for this reason I don’t like it so much.

When he comes down the stairs almost makes to fall the DSDS board hahah

He greets all the judges and then Mateo offers him some candies.

Amin dances on “Gangnam Style” and meanwhile Dieter whispers something in Bill’s ear.

Amin then starts with a few of beatbox before to sing.

Tom: the intro was good though…

But it seems judges didn’t like him and Amin starts a new song hahah

Neither this one seems to convince the judges and so Amin’s leaving when Mateo stops him, it was a joke hahahah he got RECALL.


Which is your favorite performance/moment?

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