Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 – Info Update #39

So, tomorrow is the big day!

Finally we will have the pleasure to watch the first part of the 10th DSDS season with castings.

Check out these two new promo commercials:

I have to say I love the girl who sings Prince’s “Purple Rain”:

A new photo hit the web, shot on November 9, 2012 in Curaçao during RECALL:


PUNKT 6 and 9 reports of this morning:

Wolfram Kons: What is it like with the Tokio Hotel guys, Nazan? Are they cool, are they uptight, are they from another planet? Can one interact quite normally with them? Are they thinking straight?

Nazan Eckes: Yes, I also expected them to be a little bit as if they were from another planet. I also didn’t know them personally before this. In fact I met them for the first time now at the castings and during all the preparations and the shootings. They have grown up a lot. I think quite a lot of people will be surprised how… Well, they’re still the way they are but they… There’s also a character change present and erm…

Wolfram: More mature.

Nazan: More mature. They’re more mature. They’re considerably stricter than I had expected.

Wolfram: Stricter than Bohlen?

Nazan: Erm, how strict?

Raul Richter: [In a] different [way]. Different, yes.

Nazan: Different! Yes, strict in a different way. Yes. So yes, I think one really has to let themselves be surprised and be prepared for new Tokio Hotel guys.


New Pic From Castings of October 5, 2012:

New Pics From Casting – November 26, 2012

EXCLUSIV report of today:

Exclusiv (4.01.13) di Prinz16


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