Question Of The Day: 10 People You’d Save From The Apocalypse

I had a long night last night. I was up all night reading about the end of the world again. I was reading stuff about the earth’s magnetosphere/atmosphere dwindling and how Venus’s rotation is slowing, how Jupiter lost a storm belt, and all this other crazy stuff that’s going on as we enter this weird period of the sun being a fussy baby.

All I got from all of this is that we really don’t know anything. Whatever.

Strange stuff happens in the universe more than we think and it’s all new to us. Does it mean the world is ending? Who knows. Probably not. Just because one Mayan calendar ended doesn’t mean one of the other 20 that they used did. That’s not an exact number.

Since I am all about the end of times right meow, we are still playing our end of times games because it’s fun. Remember our underground bunkers that we were talking about last week? Well, it’s time get them all spiffy because it’s time to invite your favorite 10 people to stay in them. That’s right, ONLY 10.

Let’s make lists of people that can come live with us in our magic bunkers. Is that mean? I don’t really know a lot of people and the fun thing about this is that well, ALL OF US HAVE BUNKERS so pretty much we are all spared from the end of times. Yay! That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want you to be in my bunker, you just have to be in yours and then we can meet up when we have to trade supplies.

Time to start the party. Here are my 10 peeps:

  1. Sister 1
  2. Sister 2
  3. Mom
  4. Pappy Dean
  5. My Nephew Jr
  6. My Niece Danni K
  7. A Clown
  8. A juggler
  9. A doctor
  10. Moo the Dog

JSYK, I started writing this QOTD at about 8 this morning, Pacific Standard Time. Onwards!

Which 10 people do you want in your underground bunker?