Miley Cyrus: Backyard Sessions Part 3 (VIDEO)

The “Backyard Sessions” are a series of videos that feature Miley Cyrus singing in a field with her full band! The videos were recorded earlier this summer! With the launch of the new, came the first Backyard Session in which Miley performs “Lilac Wine” was written by James Shelton. Miley’s voice is truely unique. Yesterday Miley released “Jolene” the newest backyard session! It’s amazing to see her singing again! I hope we get to hear some of her new original songs soon!

The video features: Miley Cyrus (vocals), Stacy Jones(Drums), Mike Schmid(Piano), Jamie Arentzen(Guitar), Jaco Curaco(Guitar), Vashon Johnson(Bass) Paul Hager (Sound Engineer), Filmed and edited by: Kevin & Rebecca Joelson