The End Of The World Top 12 Songs


Probably the greatest bullshit of the whole world’s history.

But I think it’s a nice idea celebrating this day with some of the most iconic songs about the end of the world, a new rebirth, a new life, the dream to be immortal.

So have fun! 😉

Keep on dancing till the world ends is what Britney wants!

And I’m freaking happy to dance with her, I would die with a huge smile on my face!

Even though the lyrics of this song talk about another end, I think the song and the music video is pretty iconic for this day!

In 1986, Europe already predicted the end of the world.

So whip your hair back and forth and raise your hands in the air!

Also the German rock band Tokio Hotel have to run for saving from the end of the world and help also other people to do it!

All the same take me away

We’re dead to the world

With these words starts Nightwish’s “Dead To The World” from “Century Child” album of 2002.

Redeem us from our solemn hour” this is Within Temptation’s motto.

Turn up the volume really loud and just rock on this awesome song!

Who wants to live forever? One thing is sure: Freddie does it!

This is one of the greatest songs of all the time! There aren’t enough words for describing it!

Always on immortal path, this is such an awesome song of the Finnish soprano/symphonic metal singer Tarja Turunen.

Her voice is like a crispy wind, so angelic and pure!

The greatest girlband of all the time enchants us with this lullaby.

This is the perfect song for the world’s rebirth. We hope to have a new amazing era ahead us!

We are definitely survivors just like Destiny’s Child in 2001

But if we aren’t still satisfied about this new world, we can move on Mars and maybe find Bowie.

If it was life on Mars and there were all like Bowie, I wanna move there right now!

So it seems we beated Maya


Which song is playing in your stereo/iPod for celebrating this day?