Question of the Day: Things Your Mom Taught You

Yesterday, we had a little chat about things that our dear ol’ pappies taught us. Today, it’s time to talk about our mommies. Sadly, this isn’t a trending topic on Twitter 🙁

Lory’s mom

My mommy is a speshul bird of sorts. I didn’t know her for a long time and then I did and it has been fun ever since. Mostly she just harasses me on Instagram and we text every now and then. She believes in a lot of junk that I don’t but she’s very cool about all that stuff.

She used to get on my case about not being into Jebus but then I told her that there wasn’t anything that she could say to “turn” me so she just left it at that. She also doesn’t care that I am big gay and she makes me food all the time. She taught me that even though people are different from each other in a lot of ways, we all just deserve hugs and foods and nothing should matter as long as you aren’t an asshat about it.


So what about you? What snazzy things has your ma’am taught you? Let’s talk about mommies today! Yay!