Question Of The Day: Feel Better, It’s Monday!

Happy Monday, y’all! How was your weekend? Did you do anything exciting? I hope your weekend went well, because mine was amazebawlz. Probably since like only three people actually keep up with my meanderings, the rest of you will be pleased to know (probably not though) that I was out being worldly and getting into trouble in strange American cities. Maybe that is all you need to know, so I will leave it at that.

Hey that’s me in a city doing things!

Anypoop, a few magical things are happening today, the least of which is World Toilet Day (it’s not as weird as it sounds) and International Men’s Day (who cares amirite?). The topic that we are going to talk about is the other thing that is happening today: “Have A Bad Day Day.”

~* 4 eVr In R hEaRtZ *~

And so now, here we are, talking about having bad days when I feel okay about stuff. That being said, one of my nights in the Windy City could’ve gone horribly wrong. You see, I was on my way to a venue to go watch a band that sings songs about sad stuff when I just so happened to head in the wrong direction into a not so great part of town that I had only heard of via that one movie Candyman.

It wasn’t so bad.

It can always be worse, right?

So let’s talk about bad days. Not about you having one but more about how you turn that frown upside down. When you’re having a bad day, what makes you feel better? You should tell me. When I am has-ing a bad day, this little grumpus makes me feel way better about everything:

Actually not a grumpus at all

She is always max ready for cuddles and she is always super stoked to play and do other dog things because she is part dog and mostly part bear.

So how do you make yourself feel better on bad days? Tell me stuff. Let’s chat and junk! Go!