Music Monday: Ambassadors.

Gah, here I am giving you little excuses as to why I’m doing “Music Monday” on a Wednesday… but I’ve been so busy this Thanksgiving break that I just haven’t had the time.

Artist of the Week: Ambassadors.

Lately, my anxiety has been acting up to the point where I’m over the top. My mind is in 14 different place, and I can never feel at ease. I feel like I just want to crawl in a whole under my house and layer it with brick. Now, music and retail therapy are my only solutions…

The Ambassadors are beautiful. I previously did a blog about Daughter on Buzznet, and to me, he is quite similar but with a slight resemblance to Damien Rice. His raw lyrics and soothing voices are very misleading, but give you a new perspective on a situation. It’s almost haunting.

One of my favourites is called “Litost.”

“And will I lay by your side, to say that I’m yours; but you’ll never be mine.”