What I’m Thankful For

I love this time of year here in Amurrrica! I’m from Australia, so Thanksgiving is extra special to me for two reasons:

1. I don’t have family here in the US, so it’s awesome when a pal takes me along to their family Thanksgiving festivities! I’m super duper grateful to all my surrogate families that let me take part in their traditions and EAT THEIR DELISH FOOD!

2. It reminds me how much I love my family back home and MISS THEIR LITTLE FACES OFF! I’m so thankful that I have a cool crew of peeps that belong to the Fox Family Clan.

Here’s my FIRST EVER Turkey Hand! I can’t take full credit for my creativity – I did a lot of google imaging to work out how I was suppose to do this. Anyway, his name is Harold and he likes MIchael Jackson and taking naps.

Happy Thanksgiving pals! <3 <3 <3