Question of the Day: We Like Gross Stuff

Happy October, ye of Buzznet-endom! It’s time for Halloween and ghosts and stuff. We will have lots of fun things for you as usual, so hold onto ye boot straps! There are a few things going on this month that I wanted to bring to your attention, so here they are in no particular order:

AIDS Awareness MonthBreast Cancer Awareness MonthDomestic Violence Awareness Month&Bat Appreciation Month

O nothing, just hanging around

And there is the inspiration for this Question of the Day. Can we all agree that bats are cute but at the same time gross? I can admit that they are defs an acquired taste, like a lot of things in my life (*e.g beer/vegan food).

Tell me these preshuz bb’s aren’t cute so I can tell you you’re a liar

So today, let’s talk about things that you thing are cute or whatever that other people might think are gross. It’s pretty simple, right? Are you ready? YUS. Go!

What gross things do you like?