Plug Into Music: Being Orginal At Live Shows

I’ve notice a MAJOR trend recently when it comes to live shows. This trend happens to be Muscians/Artist not being orginal when it comes to stage talking. It’s almost sad when I can quote exactly what they are saying. Now you may only be able to do this if you A.) go to multiple shows of the same artist or B.) Youtube videos of the show.

When I go to shows, I want to feel like the artist is speaking from his/ her heart every night. I wanna feel special that they took the time out to speak what’s on their mind. I don’t wanna be told How beautiful we look or how we’re the best crowd of the night, when they said the same thing to the crowd the day before.

Is this happen more and more because the musican is afraid they might forget what to they say? Or that they have to have every little detail planned out so the show will go smoothly? Or that they are just afraid to show another side of themselves?

I guess I just wish more musicans spoke from the heart and what’s on their minds. That’s what keeps me coming back to shows along with a performance that tops the last.

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