Are Miley Cyrus’ Tweets Making Liam Hemsworth Mad? (VIDEO)

Is Miley Cyrus‘ tweeting getting her in trouble with Liam Hemsworth again? Recently, the starlet, 19, posted some provocative thoughts on Twitter, which seemed like hints directed at her relationship with her fiance. Miley was quick to clear up any rumors and declared that there was no “trouble in paradise.”

However, reports are now saying that Liam, 22, has had enough of Miley airing her dirty laundry on the Internet. Fans may remember that years ago, Miley credited Liam with convincing her to quit the social networking site back then. Now that Miley’s back online, it seems her husband-to-be may be pushing for her to deactivate once again. Check out the video for details on this story!

Do you think Miley should quit Twitter?

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