Bill & Tom Kaulitz Speak To Bravo Magazine: We Need Some Time For Us!

It’s been such a lovely beginning of Thursday, this morning I picked up my BRAVO magazine copy because I knew Bill and Tom was in it, so I needed to enjoy the travel toward Uni reading the article…

We just needed time to ourselves!

The Tokio Hotel twins explain their escape to L.A. in BRAVOThe Tokio Hotel stars Bill and Tom are back in the public eye after a two-year break! But why were the two brothers gone for so long?

Top twins & Sascha picture: Sascha from BRAVO (middle) met the super twins for a talk in Berlin’s club “Felix”. Twins with shopping bags picture: The Kaulitz twins after some shopping in their new home city Los Angeles/California. Bottom DSDS picture: New job alongside Dieter Bohlen (58 [years old], left): the twins can be seen as judges for DSDS on RTL from early 2013 on. Culcha Candela rapper Itchyban (33, right) also joins them. Quote 1: “We could just go to the supermarket again!” Quote 2: “There are complete idiots who follow us everywhere!” Main twins picture: Bill (left) and Tom 2012: the TH stars did not forget how to laugh during their break “Bravo View” picture: Tokio Hotel – see how it all began! Download the BravoView App for free. Start it and hover your smartphone or tablet over the page – there you go! Timeline: They became world stars with Tokio Hotel 7/2005 – The first Bravo photo shoot with Bill, Tom and their band mates Georg (left) and Gustav (right)! A month later they manage the breakthrough with the Number One hit “Durch den Monsun”. Their debut album “Schrei” also becomes a mega success. 10/2005 – Via BRAVO the four guys are looking for a girlfriend [each] – and more than 56,000 love letters reach the BRAVO editorial department! The absolute Tokio Hotel mania has broken out… 1/2006 – Bill surprisingly got rid of his cult manga-style hair – and ends up on the BRAVO cover with it. To date Tokio Hotel graced our cover page for a total of 25 times! 4/2007 – They receive the Gold BRAVO Otto for “Super Band” at the Bravo Super Show in Düsseldorf – one of a total of four Bravo Ottos for Tokio Hotel. 4/2008 – And once more with a new look: now with a spiky hairstyle front man Bill conquers the charts all over Europe with his band Tokio Hotel and the album “Zimmer 483”! 5/2009 – After a short break Tokio Hotel return as the stars of a H&M campaign and in addition announce their third album “Humanoid”. 10/2009 – The third CD also makes it to the top of the German charts. And not only Bill sports a new hairdo again: Tom shows himself with cornrows for the first time! 12/2010 – Worldwide stars: by now TH are also famous in Asia, South America and the US. Their “Humanoid” makes it to #35 in the US-Billboard charts.

Over six million sold records, more than 300 concerts and over 90 awards – worldwide! Tokio Hotel belong to the most successful German bands of all time. However, two years ago the group suddenly went on hiatus. The twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (both 23 [years old]) moved to Los Angeles/California from Hamburg. From then on complete radio silence surrounded the super band. No new music, no appearances. Every now and then a paparazzi shot of the Magdeburg natives in their new US-home appeared – that was it! However, now they’re back again. They can be seen as judges for the 10th season of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar” on RTL from early 2013 on. However, BRAVO already met with the coolest twins of Germany during the recording of the first castings at Berlin’s club “Felix”. [It was] a lovely reunion with old friends! [That’s] because the BRAVO team accompanied the guys since their career started in summer 2005. What has changed? Bill looks totally different. He’s wearing a beard, many piercings and tattoos, seems beefier. However, he shines like he used to do and says: “We’re feeling really great.” Even though Bill and Tom were criticised in a mean way by German media in the past months – [it was said] they’d look like skin and bones and totally worn out. “That wasn’t even on our minds. After all headlines keep repeating themselves time and again. It’s been like that throughout our career. But don’t worry, everything’s well with us”, Bill points out straight away. After all they’ve had lots of time to rest. “At first we only relaxed when we moved over there. We had decided to totally disappear from the media, to not do any interviews and photo shoots. Tom and I just needed time to ourselves.” That wasn’t possible in Germany. They were besieged everywhere. [Leading] a normal life was not happening for them anymore. “In Los Angeles we could just go to the supermarket again or the cinema”, Tom explains. However, even in the USA the band are known now. That’s why paparazzi lie in wait for them. “It can’t be avoided in the city. Sometimes I think nobody is looking – and then there’s still a picture being taken”, Bill says. “There are just some complete idiots who follow us everywhere. But it’s okay.” However, the guys did not only chill out but also worked on new songs. “It totally helped us a lot to being able to take a lot of time and to write and produce new songs without any pressure. That took us to a whole new level. So much material was created – most of which will not be heard by anybody but lots of it will be”, according to Tom. But when will that be? Is there a date for the next album? “There’s no exact date yet. We’re taking our time.” Waiting for it will be sweetened for us by Bill and Tom’s participation on the DSDS judging panel. “The biggest challenge are the working hours for the recordings”, Tom laughs. “Every day we’ve got to get up at 6am here! Usually that’s the time we only just go to bed…”