Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 – Info Update #13

The “Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar seem to be shooting in Berlin initially stopped because, as Bill told straight to the App, the two after three weeks stay in Germany and shooting, already on their way back to Los Angeles:

Have a good flight guys!

I already miss you so much! I’m so sad 🙁

I always said it that it had to be hard if they come back and forth to LA, they have the album production and they can do everything if they aren’t in an only one place!

I hope they come back soon


On PopXport a little report about the twins on DSDS, HERE

Starts at 19:40


DSDS: Bill Kaulitz and Dieter Bohlen Armed inevitable?

Since it was announced that Tom and Bill Kaulitz of “Tokio Hotel will sit on the jury of DSDS, we always ask ourselves again whether Dieter Bohlen will understand with Bill Kaulitz.Both have strong personalities, and none other than Dieter Bohlen, the band from Magdeburg twins prophesied the end. By 2012, Dieter had shouted to the world that Tokio Hotel is really only been the fashion and their time expired ist.DSDS: Bill Kaulitz and Dieter Bohlen inevitable controversy?

According to MTV Dieter Bohlen said recently about the time Bill and Tom Kaulitz: “The success of ‘Tokio Hotel’ at the moment is more fake from the last album has sold in Germany, only 25,000 CDs.. At the same time, even if nobody wants to hear that now, perhaps willingly, Michael Shepherd has sold 800,000 with his harmonica plates “And again, the producer said:.. Time band is most likely over, “

Not a nice train of Dieter, because Bill Kaulitz has certainly not forgotten. If the two are now not always agree, then come up old feelings? Of course, the pop star had a little disappointed, because after such statements have Tokio Hotel”, after all, proved the biggest fan base on the Internet have to, but how deep the feelings of that time sitting still?

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Tom met his doll on October 4th

“A dream coming true…

Finally Tom met the original Tom! xD

We had the opportunity to get a cool pictures of the two guys 🙂 Unfortunately there were too many people, to show them our dolls in detail, but Tom did regognize his little copy and he seemed to be a little fascinated, since he touched his dreads and grined xD

Btw…he also thought Zuko was pretty cool! 🙂

What an amazing experience! So happy to share this picture with you!”