Today’s world gives to us so many amazing artists. Unfortunately, not always we can to met their. And this is a reason my new section on Buzznet: This artis is so much talented. I’ll try to show you great artists.

The second artist it so great Outcast Youth from Liverpool in UK. Right now he works on the debut album, called The Outcast Survival Guide.

Music is born in the heart. Words, sounds are a metaphor of the feelings. Every song brings a story. Positive message is the key to happiness and share the love and hope. Now the real artists are so hard to find. It’s sad that a lot of the artists selling of the body, and life for being popular. The authentic talent shouldn’t be ruined by show business. Talent shouldn’t be connected with commerce.

And I found so talented artist one year ago, it Outcast Youth. This music it something more. Always you can see part of the your life there. So many positive energy and hope it the best words to described Outcast Youth.


“From the banks of the mersey river… Avant garde rapper Outcast Youth is a socially conscious artist from Liverpool who is building a loyal fanbase due to his personal lyrics and approachability. In a genre characterised by materialism and violence, Outcast Youth is a breath of fresh air with intelligent lyrics and engaging live shows.

“I’m a believer in destiny and I have a passion for changing peoples lives and helping those in need. Being in the position to have my voice heard by so many people is an amazing blessing and I hope I can continue to make songs that you dont just hear but you feel.”

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