Question of the Day: Gotta Go Back In Time (But Not Really)

Today’s question is going to be kind of weird and full of Doctor Who gifs because of timey wimey reasons. Take it away, number 10:

Come to mai hauz plz Mister the Doctor

Okay so, STUFF. You’re going to have to kind of pay attention because this probably might not make a lot of sense.


I was looking at things on my internet this morning when pretty much all my internet was full of things like “O MY COLLEGE CLASS THIS” and “MY COLLEGE CAMPUS THAT.” Then, I kind of laughed because all of this was coming from Twitter and Instagram. Most of you know what that stuff is. If you don’t, click the links and you’ll find out. Not knowing is kinda, well,


Let’s get to the question, amirite? HINT: YES. Okay. Let’s say that you are able to take some kind of technology back to YOUR past. It has to be a time that you were actually alive. None of you past lives, just this one. You can take any piece of technology that you have encountered during your time on earth back to any point in your life and use it to your advantage. You can even meet up with your former self and explain this technology and what it will do for you.

You cannot, however, touch yourself (even though we know you’re sexy) because there’s theory that any past version of you might be made of anti particles and if you did that, you would ruin a lot of stuff.

So you’re ready now, right? Ready to answer the QOTD?

Aaand GO!

If you could take any piece of technology from your future back to your past, what would it be?