Music Monday: Kings of Leon.

If you really want to become best friends, you have to talk to me about boy bands whose music is out in another world, the singers have sex god voices, and they’re physical attraction plays a minimal part in me falling in love with them.

Artist of the Week: Kings of Leon.

There’s nothing more sexy than this band. Sorry Beatles, but they have you beat. I can’t help but lust over their composition of music, lyrics that ring in the back of your mind all the time, and the extreme raspiness of Caleb Followill’s voice. My heart yearns for their music, and I could go on and on and on about how much my soul needs their music for me to have a serene day. My day-to-day necessity for their music always clears my mind: like I’m on a mental vacation.

One of the songs that has really touched me was their song off of their newest album, Come Around Sundown was a track titled “The Immortals.”

Kings of Leon has really made me love life a lot more. I know everybody has heard of them, but I couldn’t resist to post about them. I just have such an intense love for this band, that it burns my insides.

Take a listen to all of their albums. You will never regret a thing.