Bill & Tom Kaulitz @ Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar 2013 – Info Update #4

A lot of press talk about Bill and Tom Kaulitz as judges in the new season of DSDS.

Check them out! 😉

BILD.DE: “Tokio Hotel” Guitarist is now sitting at DSDS! Tom Kaulitz hopes for a bare skin!

At his first workday in the “DSDS” Jury, The Tokio Hotel guitarrist Tom Kaulitz (23) has already got quite clear ideas – and those are lightly clad: “I can only give the advise to every girl to wear something short. Because then you’re already half way through!”.

A clear statement to the candidates. The 23 years old guitarist doesn’t only hope for some bare skin but also for females with some talent. “In Germany are way too less female artists” he said towards the TV channel RTL. His advice for the male artists is: “Stay at home if you can’t sing!”.

His brother Bill stays diplomatic regarding the new superstar “When it fits, it simply fits. I will immediately recognize it when he or she stands in front of me.”

Together with old-timer Dieter Bohlen (58) and “Culcha Candela” singer Mateo, the Tokio Hotel twins create the first male jury in 10 years of DSDS. Sure thing that the female candidates will be in the main focus!

Today already started the first records of the castings in Berlin. But the fans will have to wait until January 2013 when the show will be aired.


“Tokio Hotel” want more girls on DSDS!

Berlin.- This time the superstars already are a part of the judges.

first work day for Bill and Tom Kaulitz (23) as judges for “Deutschland Sucht Den Superstar”.

yesterday, “Tokio Hotel”, Dieter Bohlen (58) and “Culcha Candela” singer Itchyban (33), saw the first “DSDS”- casting candidates in Berlin.


“We wish for more female talents. the girls should wear short skirts. all judges are men so they’d get in the next round easily.”, told Tom to Bild. Boys not allowed?

Tom: “Those who can’t sing should stay at home.”

And how’s it going with dieter?

Bill: “we got along well right away and have much fun!”

*** “DSDS – That’s why Tokio Hotel’s twins take part”

The twins of Tokio Hotel (both 23) have avoid spotlights during the past two years and have withdrawn in Los Angeles. Until today ! It is today that recordings for DSDS ( Ndt: the german equivalent of American Idol, abridged in DSDS). Tom and Bill take part from today to the auditions in Berlin.

It is in an interview granted to RTL that Bill explains the reason of their engagement in DSDS : “We have tried to completely retreat ourselves of the public life these last years in order to come back in studio and also having a break. The proposition of RTL came at a good time and we are able to do it beside our continuous work in studio.” Until now, the twins have refused every offer of this kind. It was never a question of taking part of another program. “We have always said that, if we had to be jurors somewhere, it would be in the biggest show with a special format.”

The last prompt was given by Steve Tyler (64) “He was juror last year in the american version of DSDS (American Idol)! We think it is a good thing that TV talent shows choose real artists to be juror for more seriousness and musical demand.” declared Tom.

Anyway, we are ready and excited to see the twins as jurors. It will begin in January 2013, finally !


Bill & Tom On The Main Page Of Yahoo Deutschalnd:


PUNKT 9 – SEPTEMBER 25, 2012

Punkt 9 – 25.09.12 di foreversacred

PUNKT 12 – SEPTEMBER 25, 2012 Punkt 12 – 25.09.12 di foreversacred


Hello, we start right times with a TV sensation in the new week! Bill and Tom Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel are sitting beside Dieter Bohlen and Mateo Culcha Candela in the new judges of “Deutschland sucht den Superstar”. Because of DSDS they interrupt their creative break and work on the fourth studio album. With the Kaulitz twins obliged DSDS real superstars, because Bill and Tom look at the age of just 23 years back to a global career.


Also (Russia) reported the news about Bill and Tom as judges in DSDS


Bill & Tom’s car exits from Berlin hotel