Spice Up Your Dorm Room For College

Dorm Rooms can be cold, plain and boring when you first move into them. A lot of you guys are just starting school and want little reminders of home! Here are some tips on how to decorate your new home for the year!

The Photo Wall: This is a must when it comes to any college dorm. Gather up photos from the summer orfunny moments with friends, so you can be remind of the people you care about.

Lights: Adding lights across your bed or around your room can add a magical touch to your room. Let’s be honest, every girl loves pretty lights.

Laundry Line: You can hang up ticket stubs from concerts or games you went to. Also little reminders ilke when you have a test/party to attend or photos can be added as well.

So Happy Dorm Shopping and Decorating. Get creative!