Official Britney Spears X Factor Auditions Post In Providence, Rhode Island – Day Two

Today is the second set of X Factor auditions in Providence, Rhode Island.

Check out all the details from Wednesday’s auditions.

She’ll also judge on Friday.



First updates…

Just Simon Cowell ‏@JustSimonCowell Today’s turn out is even BETTER then yesterdays! Bring it on Providence!

Just Simon Cowell ‏@JustSimonCowell

Fans are starting to enter the building!


First Pic:


Brit arrival




Contestant: “I got a wink from Simon Cowell, wow!”

Demi: “He does it to everybody.”


Britney: “You were shockingly good.”


New quotes, thanks to MuuMuse:

Britney to married duo onstage: “I think you should wear a wig.” Simon: “Who?” Britney: “…Both.” LEGENDARY. #RIFactor

Contestant to Britney: “I don’t want to take her spot. She’s a legend!” *Britney flips hair*


Britney: “I feel like you need more training.”


Contestant sang “Hold It Against Me,” Brit thought it was amazing.



“The X Factor audition tapings were fun. We saw 15 acts. I took notes! #RIFactor


One of the person who went there said: “The talent was not very impressive. Couple of nice people but no standouts and one annoying man named Manny.


Judges walk into the venue…



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