Buzznet Exclusive: Via Coma Talk New Album & Inspiration

Check out Buzznet’s exclusive interview with the band Via Coma discussing the release of their brand new album “Figures”. Via coma is a three-piece rock band from Lafayette, CA that formed in 2009. “Figures” is the bands debut full-length album, and we caught up with band members Rob Marshall and Jesse Kyle to talk about what inspired the album and future touring plans. The album is available now on iTunes!

Describe the new album?

Rob: I think the best way to describe this new album is a dark, cinematic catharsis. We went through a lot of changes over the course of writing and recording this record, not just in our band, but who we are as people.

Jesse: Along the way we had the privilege of working with some amazing people, like Cody Bonnette and Aaron Lunsford of the band As Cities Burn, who really helped us achieve the full potential of our vision.

Rob: Releasing this record is sort of purging our ghosts, so to speak.

What inspires your writing?

Jesse: I would say that I’m mostly inspired by classical piano pieces and orchestral scores. However, in writing for the album, our guitarist, Nic, and I have to compliment each other. This means tastefully crafting our respective parts to work with one another in complimentary, synchronicity. As Rob has said in previous interviews about his bass parts, “Less is sometimes more.”

Rob: There isn’t one individual influence that I can point to and say, “This is what inspired me most for the record.” It’s the culmination of all the little things that make up life: Growing up, reflecting on your experiences and the people you meet. All of it is in this record.

Jesse: I’m also inspired by various artists and composers like Muse, Thrice, Rachmaninov, and Hans Zimmer. Like I said, big, powerful, orchestral songs.

How long has this album been in the works?

Rob: I think it’s something that’s been in the works ever since we’ve been a band. Some of these songs were written nearly four years ago now, and have since grown and changed with us.

Jesse: Those songs in particular are sort of “re-imagined” and “re-worked” versions of songs from our demo we released back in 2009. We went into the studio with Cody and Aaron in the Fall of 2010 for two weeks of pre-production and drum tracking. Then over the next several months, between full-time jobs and 18 unit semesters, we finished the record.

Rob: It’s been a long time in the works. To say the very least.

Jesse: We took such a long time to make this album because we wanted to be proud of every single song and the outcome is exactly that. 10 songs we can all honestly say we’ve poured every ounce of our lives into for the past, going on four years. You kind of have to be proud of that.

Any touring plans for this year?

Rob: As of right now, we’re going to focus on building in the West: California, Oregon, Washington, maybe Arizona and Nevada. We’d love to get out to the East coast but in this economy, without the financially support from a label or sponsorship, it just isn’t smart or practical to do it right now. We’ll see though. We’re open to anything.

Why should our readings make sure to check out your stuff?

Jesse: We’re something different; I know that’s what a lot of bands say but just listen to us. I challenge you to tell us 3 bands that we sound like.

Rob: We’d love to know because we have a hard time pegging ourselves to a particular genre or “sounds-like” category.

Jesse: If you like powerful, emotive, orchestral rock, with memorable melody and harmony, I think you will enjoy our work. Our music is something that we’d love for everyone to experience.

Rob: Put on some nice headphones, or sit in front of your favorite stereo, close your eyes and let our album do the work.

Check out the new album!!! What do you think???