Buzznet Exclusive: Meet The Cast Of Nick At Nite’s ‘Hollywood Heights’

Last month we gave you the skinny on the upcoming Nick at Nite show Hollywood Heights, and now the moment has finally come! While the brand new show officially premieres next Monday, June 18th, Nickelodeon is giving viewers a sneak peek of the debut episode starting tonight, June 11th and every night at 9pm until June 15th.

Derived from the popular Mexican telenovela Alcanzar una Estrella, Hollywood Heights centers around Loren Tate (One Life to Live‘s Brittany Underwood), shy teen whose musical aspirations get closer to reality when she wins a songwriting contest for rock star Eddie Duran (Cody Longo). While Loren and Eddie’s partnership (on-stage as well as off) is constantly tested by drama, their strong family bonds keep them inspired to keep going forward. Loren finds support in her single mom Nora (Jama Williamson), as Nora returns to the dating scene for the first time in years. Meanwhile, Eddie’s bond with his father (Carlos Ponce) is challenged by Eddie’s romance with the manipulative actress Chloe (Melissa Ordway). As Loren starts to rise in the music scene and Eddie’s time in the spotlight is numbered, the two learn that the road to stardom comes with a hefty price tag. Justin Wilczynski also stars as Eddie’s bitter old friend Tyler Rorke. Hollywood heartthrob James Franco is also set to star in a multi-episode storyline.

Buzznet‘s own Patty Gopezgot to visit the set of Hollywood Heights in Los Angeles and had a chat with stars Brittany Underwood, Justin Wilczynski, Cody Longo, Carlos Ponce, and Melissa Ordway about the show.

Meet the cast of Hollywood Heights in the video below:

Hollywood Heights premieres on Nickelodeon June 18th at 9pm.

Will you be watching Hollywood Heights?