10 Behind The Scenes Facts About Disney/Pixar’s ‘Brave’

The buzz is out about Disney/Pixar’s new animated movie Brave! Disney/Pixar’s first female protagonist fronted flick hits theaters this Friday and we’ve got the scoop on some behind the scenes facts! Buzznet‘s Patty Gopezattended the Brave press junket in Hollywood where we got to talk to the stars of the movie, including Craig Ferguson, Kelly MacDonald, Kevin McKidd as well as the producer Katherine Sarafian and director Mark Andrews.

Here are 10 things we learned at the junket:

1. Kelly feels “very privileged” to be the first strong female protagonist in a Disney/Pixar film.

2. When asked if they could turn their mom into an animal, Craig said, “I wouldn’t have thought my relationship would have been improved by her having claws,” while Kelly said she would turn her mom into “a cat” because she’s a homebody. Kevin would turn his mom into a “beautiful hummingbird, so she could fly and be free.”

3. Kelly moved away from home at the age of 17.

4. On working with Pixar, Craig said: “It’s not an offer, it’s more of summons… and you go or you’re a fool!”

5. The best part of playing new Disney princess Merida? Kelly said: “I had so much fun. I got to play this part that I would never get to play in a live action film because I’m not a teenager.”

6. To play Young MacGuffin in the film, Kevin channeled himself because he “was a very, very painfully shy boy” which is why he became an actor.

7. Brave is Kelly‘s first movie.

8. If he wasn’t doing the acting thing, Kevin was going to be a plumber, just like his dad.

9. The best thing about working as a voice actor? Craig said, “You’re not limited to play anyone physically.”

10. When asked about the Grey’s Anatomy chilling season finale, Kevin said: “I don’t know what’s going to happen next… I know as far as what the premiere’s going to be, it’s going to be pretty intense. It’s a real game changer.”

Will you be watching Brave? Who is your favorite Disney princess?