Question of the Day: What’s So Weird About You?

When I was growing up, I never felt like I was like everyone else. I liked sad music and I just didn’t mix well with all the other kids. I liked sitting on the grass and picking dandelions during organized sports at school or drawing birds and writing poems for my mother.

Daisy by Feli – Close enough to a dandelion, y/y?

Turns out that there is now an entire group of kids that are like that. Who knew? We all have our quirks, even people that don’t seem like they would. A lot of times, some people look weird but they really aren’t. They’re boring. Sometimes, some people look boring and then when you talk to them, it’s like they are from another planet. It just depends on the person I guess.

Since none of us really know the other on this thing called the internet, let’s talk about stuff that makes us weird. You don’t get to say stuff like LOL I HAVE OCD BECAUSE I DON’T LIKE IT WHEN MY FOOD TOUCHES OTHER FOOD ON MY PLATE. That’s not what OCD is. I’ve heard people say that. Just tell us what you do that is different from what the majority of people around you do. That’s usually what makes you different.

Like, for me, I don’t like people touching me because of amoebas. I also have to clean the sweat off of my coffee cup and clean the lid so there is no coffee on the top thing of it. All of my shirts are placed on my rack according to color. I used to organize my change in stacks by the year they were minted but I stopped because it was getting cray. Anyway, it’s your turn now. Are you ready? GO!

What makes you weird?