The Little Prince Harry, The Pygmy Hippo

My mom told me that on tv this morning there was a news about this little pygmy hippo of a month since she knows I much I love hippos, they are definitely among my favorite animals, if not my favorite ever.

So this little hippo was born the last March 22nd at Cango Wildlife Ranch, in Oudtshoord, in South Africa. His mother Hilda refused him at the birth, so he’s been adopted by Toni Inggs with which he seems to be really closed.

The little Harry needs to attentions and cures not only because he’s so little but because his breed is threatened with extinction.

The persons in charge of the centre wanted to call him with a name with the “H” as first letter since his parents were called Hilda and Herber, so they thought about the UK prince, Harry and his love for Africa.

Hilda, his mother, already had eight pregnancy, but only three babies, Harry was one of them.

Harry needs to drink 125ml of milk each three hours for the first three months and then you could feed on his own.

Cango Wildlife Range is specialized in threaten species breeding, among which cheetahs, tigers and crocodiles.

Rob Hall, centre’s director said: “When Hilda was pregnant we were so happy and waited the birth so much. Now we take care of Harry and we are so glad he is with us, it’s not a problem! We are sure he will grow up health and strength”

What do you think about this sweet story?

Do you like hippos?