Kristen Stewart News Fan Diary: Meeting Kristen At ‘Snow White And The Huntsman’ Premiere!

What would you do if you found out that you were meeting your favorite actress at the world premiere of their new movie? Kristen Stewart’s biggest fans got to find out firsthand how it feels! BFFs Jess and Ashley, along with another friend, run Kristen Stewart News – one of the largest unofficial fansites. The two met through their love of Kristen Stewart and were given the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by the Snow White Twitter to live tweet on the red carpet at the Snow White and the Huntsman world premiere in England.

Here’s what Jess and Ashley had to say:

As you all may know, Jess and Ashley just returned from London where we were invited by Universal to live tweet on the Red Carpet of the World Premiere of Snow White and the Huntsman from the film’s official twitter account @SnowWhite! We had a whirlwind 48 hours of travel and excitement, but were so lucky to get this one-in-a-lifetime experience to be up-close and personal with the ‘SWATH’ premiere festivities.

As soon as we arrived in London on Sunday, we decided to venture out and get the lay of the land where the premiere red carpet would be held. The first thing we noticed was a growing line of people wrapped around the ticket area. These passionate folks were none other than Kristen and SWATH fans, of course! It was great to see the excitement building so early and people’s devotion to the film. The square itself was already getting prepared for set up with huge posters above each theather entrance. Over the course of two days we would get to see it all transform into a mini-version of Rupert Sanders‘ vision of the film.

On Monday morning after a long day of beautiful sight seeing, it was time to gear up for premiere day. We woke up early to see that the fan line had grown even longer and the carpets were rolling out. Unfortunately, panic was starting to set in a bit because the rain was still coming down. With no tents in sight, we prepared our umbrellas for a rainy evening with the stars.

As the day progressed it was fascinating to see the whole square transform into a little SWATH wonderland. One side of the carpet was filled with black crows perched on bare tree branches to represent the Dark Forest and the other side was decked out with little mushrooms and colorful flowers like the Enchanted Forest.

Just minutes before the Red Carpet was set to get underway, the rain stopped and the skies cleared. We took it as a good omen! Jess and Ashley were stationed at two different ends of the red carpet. Jess took the arrivals area by the Enchanted Forest, and Ashley was located by the webcast stage near the Dark Forest. We were both very nervous since we’d only ever live tweeted events from the comforts of our homes & offices. It was fast and hectic; people and cameras zipping by us. Once the arrivals began, everything became a giant blur. It was really breathtaking to see all the beautiful gowns just as these beautiful ladies stepped out of their vehicles. But, we had to put fashion aside and be on alert at every moment. Jess had to really be on her toes every time a car pulled up to snap the first pictures for the @SnowWhite twitter and make sure the quick shot was tweet-worthy!

Once the cast made it through the Enchanted Forest arrival area, they moved on down to where they did photocall and then on to the main stage for the webcast interviews. The webcast stage down into the Dark Forest was Ashley’s section. Ashley’s end was a bit calmer, so it was a very different experience than Jess’. She got to see a lot of the behind-the-scenes work that goes into making a premiere a success, as well as a clear shot of arrivals on the big screen. This side of the carpet was more about interacting with fans and giving the twitter followers an overview of the event while waiting for the stars to make their way down the carpet. It was fun to watch the webcast interviews live, knowing people at home were watching along with you. As the cast members completed their interviews, they greeted more eager fans before heading into the theater to present the movie.

It was not all work and no play, though. It was such a pleasure to get a few seconds to greet some of the cast and their teams as they made their way down the carpet. Everyone could not have been nicer about saying hello or taking a quick photo. Our big moment came in the middle of all this craziness when we were introduced to Miss Stewart. It was sprung upon us rather quickly, and quite honestly, we were both probably in semi-shock. We think we remember telling her that we were looking forward to seeing the film. It was one of those moments where you step outside of yourself and think, “Is this really happening?” Our exchange with Kristen was short, but sweet. She was stunningly beautiful and so kind to take a moment for two of her biggest fans in the middle of this big day.

Once the red carpet wrapped we were off to see the film. Our theater was in the Dark Forest section of the red carpet. Before the movie started, the cast and their director joined on stage to give the crowd an introduction and greeting. We obviously don’t want to give too much about the film away, so all we can say is you are going to LOVE it! It is visually one of the most beautiful films we have ever seen, and the performances were perfection. Everyone is going to be very impressed with Kristen’s English accent. It was absolutely flawless.

Then it was on to the after party! The glamorous bash was held inside the Royal Courts of Justice building. We had passed this place several times earlier in our trip and never dreamed of it being the venue for the after party. But once you walked inside, you could see why. It had been transformed into its own dark fairytale world with beautifully decorated tables, yummy drinks, and open space to mingle. Upstairs was a fun photobooth with SWATH themed props which all the party goers, including us, seemed to love. Downstairs, the cast and their guests were all chatting it up, dancing, and just enjoying their evening. Io Echo who has a song playing during the film’s battle scene, sang near the front of the party and everyone gathered around for their amazing performance. Everyone was out in the open and extremely friendly. The prince himself, Sam Claflin could not have been more lovely to us and appreciative when we complimented him on the film.

The whole experience was easily one of the best days we’ve ever had. We got a good taste of how much time and effort it takes to pull a major event like this off. It was bizarre to see all of the photographers and camera people snapping away, yelling for the perfect pose and picture. That’s not something we can imagine ever getting used to in day-to-day life. We were very grateful for this opportunity. Universal really appreciates and respects the fans and values our voices, and we were very honored to have been asked to participate in the event. We truly hope our tweets on @SnowWhite’s behalf, in combination with the awesome live stream the studio provided, helped make you feel like you were right there and in on the action. And finally, we also must bow down to our KSN partner, April who kept the mothership going full force covering all the news while we were far away on this crazy and unforgettable adventure.