‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Season Finale: A Tragic Death That Broke Our Heart

[WARNING: If you have not seen the tragic and heartbreaking season finale of Grey’s Anatomy as of yet, please do not read beyond this point, however if you have, enjoy!]

Last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy ended with the doctors’ plane having crashed. And this episode was where we got to see the aftermath, and boy was it quite the aftermath!

We begin with Meredith waking up after having been unconcscious for quite a few hours, and then we hear some kind of screaming at the horrible sight. And then that’s when Cristina comes in and wakes up Meredith and tells her to get up. So as of now, we know Meredith and Cristina are alive, and the screaming person. We then find out that the person who is screaming is Arizona because she is in shock that her bone is sticking out through her leg! Ouch. She is stuck on the side of the plane where the pilot – Jerry – is also stuck but inside the plane and it seems that he can’t move his legs. The two seem to connect, help, and somehow try to comfort each other. We also then find out Mark is alive, phew THANK GOD! I love this guy. Meredith is worried about Derek because she thinks that he may be dead since he was sitting right beside her on the plane.

Meanwhile, Cristina is freaking out because she can’t find her other shoe. AHHAHA. I died at this part, honestly this was the only part of the episode that was funny, Oh Yang. She also hears a rhythmic sound so her and Mark follow it and they find that it’s Lexie trapped under the back section of the plane. She is in really bad shape and her whole body is stuck under it except for her face. Cristina wants to help Mark move it so he asks her to pop her shoulder back in since it’s dislocated. Ouch, that must have hurt. They then try to move the plane, however it seems that it is way too heavy for them to move as two people. Christina then asks Lexie which parts of her is injured, she says that basically all her body parts are crushed and she can’t really breathe properly. Both her and Cristina know her condition is super bad and there’s a very slight chance she may make it. While Cristina gets it, Mark forces her to not give up and that she is going to live so she goes to get supplies while Mark stays by her side.

While Cristina is gone, Mark and Lexie have their moment. And when I say moment, I don’t mean the happily ever after moment, I mean the Romeo and Juliet final scene. Mark goes under a bit to talk to Lexie and comfort her and that she is going to make it. Lexie says that she will not, and she starts to tell him to tell Meredith that she was a great sister to her and that she loves her. She tells him to hold her hand, but he tells her that he will not because she is going to live, and he starts to give the plane another big push, but it doesn’t budge. He then realizes that she’s right and she may actually not make it after all, he goes back down to her and holds her hand. While holding her, he tells her how much he has always loved her and still does and that he can’t have her die because he has this great plan about them living together and starting a family. She smiles at all this, and I thought she was going to live but…she just stops – and DIES!! :'(

I was bawling by this moment. I would like to say that Lexie was one of my favorite characters and the fact that she died just broke my heart, literally ripped it out. She was one of those characters I could relate to, and now I just don’t know. But her memory will forever lived on, RIP Lexie Why, Shonda Rhimes, why?!

While this is all happening, we see Derek has survived the crash, but his hand seems to be stuck to a part of the plane piece. He hears Meredith calling out for him, so he tries to budge it, but he can’t so he hits the rock on HIS HAND! How stupid is that!? That’s the hand he does surgery with, oh no…will that ever heal? Because it sure looked like it hurt a ton. Meredith can’t find him so she goes back to Cristina and Mark and finds out her sister has died, then she has a breakdown.

Now Meredith is really freaked out because she has lost her sister already and can’t find her husband either. She is freaking out with Cristina in the forest when all of a sudden Derek shows up and upon seeing them faints. Uh-oh! His skin is ripped, so Meredith safety pins it back together, UGH! Goriest part of the whole episode, I cringed. Derek asks about Lexie, and they tell him. Cristina wants to get out of there as soon as she can and so she needs all the help that she can get. She sees that Mark isn’t helping so she goes to him and tells him that they all lost Lexie, not just him. She’s screaming at him when she realizes that he has passed out and has a serious chest injury. They do a procedure they do at the hospital and use a tube from a bottle of hairspray to get the blood out of his chest. They do this successfuly, but he is still in pretty bad shape.

Meanwhile at the hospital, no one seems to know that all these doctors have been missing and haven’t arrived at the conference yet! I mean, really? I feel like there were way too many hospital scenes and that they were probably just filler scenes. We really needed more scenes at the plane crash site where they were trying to fight to stay alive! Apparently, there was a big trauma coming in at Seattle Grace, so Owen told his assistant to send all his calls to voicemail. Perfect timing, Owen. Teddy and him work on important surgery when she slips out that she’s been offered a great job and he’s pissed that she didn’t tell him and that he is going to lose another doctor. However, she tells him that she won’t leave because this was the hospital where her husband, Henry died and that he needs her at this important time.

However, Owen doesn’t think this is right, so he calls her into his office after the surgery, and tells her she is fired. She’s really pissed at first and walks out of the room, slamming his door and calling him a “son of a b*tch.” And then two seconds later, she walks back in and hugs him tight. She says goodbye, and tells him to keep fighting for Cristina with everything he’s got. Awee, they are such cute besties! But do you guys know what this means? Well, not only did we lose the lovely Lexie, but we will also be losing Teddy next season. Her character will not return next season, so you can say farewell to her as well. At the hospital, Bailey and Ben also have a romantic moment and they get engaged. Awe! I think this was pretty much the only happy thing that happened this episode.

At the plane crash site, Mark is in really bad shape and he’s with Arizona, he seems to be slipping away. However, Arizona tells him that he can’t give up, he needs to make it for her, Callie and Sofia. They also hear a helicopter flying above, and they try to light up a signal, but it doesn’t work and the copter flies away without noiticing them, darn!!

Now what’s going on with the other doctors? Well Richard has planned a dinner for the almost-former residents and Alex, April and Jackson are there already. They are about to toast when Richard says they shoudl wait for Meredith and Cristina to arrive, awe 🙁 Callie is also really happy with her life right now and is planning a really hot evening for when Arizona gets back. I really hope nothing happens to Arizona, because honestly Callie has been through WAY too much and she does not deserve to have another special person taken away from her life. Avery has decided he is going to leave Seattle Grace to go to Tulane, and he is upset that he has to leave April while she is at her rockbottom stage. She tells him not to worry and to just have fun for that one night.

At the end of the day, Owen finally goes to check his voicemail messages and realizes there’s quite a lot! And most of them are from someone in Boise who had called plenty of times asking where his Seattle Grace doctors are. He has a pretty worried look on his face, I mean seriously, did no one there think to call someone OTHER than the Chief to ask where they are!?

We wrap up the season finale with the doctors at the plane crash, they starving and they just ran out of matches to light a fire. Uh-oh.

AND THAT IS WHERE IT ENDS. Oh man, so many emotions, and things that happen. But, WHAT A CLIFFHANGER. I mean, really!? There was nothing settling about the end. Why couldn’t they just show everyone finding out that they got into a plane crash? Or that they are saved. But I guess that’s what the first episode of next season will focus on. UGH, I can’t wait that long!! Overall, though really did like this episode even though I shed a lot of tears and it broke my heart and I lost my fave character and ugh ugh ugh.

BUT OMG ONE MORE THING. This is what Shonda Rhimes said about the finale, “I hate to say this, but just because you saw people alive at the end of the finale doesn’t mean they’re going to be alive when the season starts up.” WTF IS THIS SHIT!?! PLEASEE NOOOOOO. YOU’VE ALREADY DONE SO MUCH HARM.

What did you think of the season finale? Were you shocked that Lexie died, will Mark survive? What do you think will happen to the peope at the crash site?