Buzznet Exclusive: Brian Cag of Action Item Talks About Why He’s Excited About Bamboozle!

Brian Cag, the front man of the New Jersey band Action Item took a moment to catch up with us for a Buzznet Exclusive on what he’s most excited for at the 10th annual Bamboozle Festival. We’ll be there watching the amazing acts, soaking up the east coast sun and keeping you updated on what’s going on. For all of you who are lucky enough to be going, make sure to check out Action Item at the festival on Sunday!

Who are you most excited to check out this weekend?

We are big fans of the Foo Fighters, so seeing them live would be pretty incredible. I’d love to see Bon Jovi as well. Being from New Jersey, it’s become something you just have to do at least once in your life.

What are three things fans need to bring to survive Bamboozle?

I’m not sure if they let you bring your own water in, but man you’re gonna need tons of it. Cologne (or perfume), have to smell good when meeting the ladies (or guys). If you burn easily, sun screen is also a must.

Favorite local spot in Asbury Park to eat?

I heard the Convention Hall as some really good pizza. 🙂 That might have been a shameless plug right there. Jokes aside, we’re not really sure! Not the best New Jerseyans. We shall have to explore.

What are your best memories coming to Bamboozle as a fan?

I’ve actually met some great people at my first Bamboozle that turned into long-lasting friendships. Mark and I decided to hang out at Bamboozle a couple years ago, and after that day we decided to work together as musicians.

Favorite festival food?

Funnel Cake. Don’t judge.

What do you think makes Bamboozle different from other festivals?

Like other festivals, Bamboozle has a few standout headliners every year. However, what really sets it apart from other festivals is its love and catering toward it’s bands and artists from the area. Whether you are Bon Jovi, or a smaller band from NJ/NY playing the festival for the first time, you are guaranteed you have a great time.

Are you going to go see Action Item at Bamboozle? Who are you excited to see?