Want To Be A “Hall Of Famer”?!

I clearly am a music lover of all kinds and absolutely love nothing more than spreading good talent around, so I am beyond excited to introduce an amazing hip hop group to you called Hall Of Fame. HOF consists of Christian Murphy aka “Hii-Keyy Crissy” and his older brother Eric Murphy aka “Heir”and their producer Crada!

Hall Of Fame been working hard on this new project for a while and have released an EP called “DubznDimes” featuring the single “Hollywood Shawty“. Their EP was released less than a week ago and already they were featured on the home page of Power106!!

I got to hear some of the songs a while back and have honestly been counting down the days until its release, so I can guarantee you guys will have these songs stuck in your head! Go check them out, download all the music and spread the word because you will be seeing these boys for a VERY long time.

**Be sure to click the links as well as the Album cover below to download this FREE music!!