James Franco And Rihanna To Hook Up?

Is Rihanna really “happy” and “single” as she claimed she was while promoting her upcoming flick Battleship? The 24-year-old songstress sure seems to be rumored to be hooking up with a number of guys, including ex Chris Brown and Ashton Kutcher, as well as her most recent date with Melissa Forde. Now it’s just been revealed that James Franco and Rihanna were supposed to get together – and will most likely be hooking up soon… random! Although it’s not quite what you think…

James, a Rihanna fan, revealed to MTV News that he was initially supposed to play RiRi’s love interest in the music video for “We Found Love” before male model Dudley O’Shaughnessy snagged the role.

“She actually asked me to be in that video, the one with the relationship that gets crazy,” he admitted. “I couldn’t do it. But, I guess, I hope that that means there’s mutual love between us.”

While the two weren’t able to work together on that project, they just might get their chance soon! James teased to MTV that RiRi just might make an appearance in his buddy Seth Rogen‘s upcoming film The Apocalypse.

“I think she’s gonna be in the new movie that I’m doing, Seth Rogen’s directorial debut,” he said. “I think she has a little part in that.”

Are you bummed James Franco wasn’t the lead in RiRi’s music video? Do you think James Franco and Rihanna would make a cute couple?