Adele Taking Time to Experience Life Before Releasing New Music

The golden girl of the year Adele has revealed she is working on new music and is waiting for life to inspire her new record. The 23-year-old singer called into a French Radio station today to explain her game plan for the follow-up to the mega successful 21 and why she is taking her time.

“If I didn’t write my own songs I’d be out next week with a new album. But because I write my own songs I have to take my time a live a little bit.” She went on to say, “It was a good two years between my first and second album, so it will be the same this time.”

A new song at the end of the year, and then hopefully a new album out in the next two years? Sounds good. Can we assume the album title will be 23? The modest singer/songwriter went on to explain that she does not feel any pressure to out-top the success of her six-time Grammy winning album, 21.

“I ever never expected the success of my first album either let alone how many records this one sold, so I definitely don’t think I will feel the pressure for my next record to be as big as the last one because I know that is just not even possible. What’s happened with this one is very rare anyway. “

It’s extremely commendable that she is taking the time to continue to write her own material, and that is taking her time to experience life and allow it to inspire her.

“I have to convince them with my songs again, and that is where the pressure comes from. Me, myself. “

If you understand French (which I don’t) you can enjoy the entire interview here.

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Do you think it’s smart of Adele to wait two years before putting out a new album?