Lindsay Lohan To Star On ‘Glee’…. SAY WHAAT?

Lindsay Lohan is set to star in an upcoming episode of the hit show Glee. So random, right? I would have never thought her first acting role after rehab and all that crazy stuff was over would be something like Glee. I mean she did complain about the musical TV series for mocking her stints in rehab. I’m actually surprised, but happy for her. I have loved and adored Lindsay since I can remember and I am so glad that she is getting her sh*t – excuse the language – together now. Glee is a great show and one of my favorites and I can’t wait to see her do her thing once again on it.

Her rep confirmed on Tuesday, March 27 that she will be starring as herself on the show as the series wraps up. So we know it will be one of the last episodes or even the finale. According to other reports, she will be playing the part of a celebrity judge at nationals.

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