Is Katy Perry’s Alleged New Boyfriend Cheating?

Katy Perry is a single woman now that she and ex Russell Brand are completely over – but not for long! The 27-year-old “Part of Me” singer has been spotted spending quite a bit of time with 22-year-old French model Baptiste Giabiconi, sparking rumors that he’s her next main squeeze. But while the two have been hanging out a lot and appear to be dating, it seems that Katy may not be the only special someone in Baptiste’s life!

Baptiste is allegedly dating 77-year-old designer Karl Lagerfeld, whom he is rumored to be engaged to! Uh oh, looks like Katy and Baptiste may not work out romantically after all. The two seem to be playing it off: Katy was recently spotted exiting the Gare du Nord Eurostar station in Paris with Baptiste waiting for her, but tried to avoid the paparrazzi snapping photos of them together – perhaps a joke and to throw off the paps?

Do you think Katy is really dating Baptiste, or is he really dating Karl Lagerfeld? If you were Baptiste, would you date Katy or Karl?