Question of the Day: How Do You Like to Relax?

NEWSFLASH: Today is National Margarita Day. That might not mean anything to some of you and it mine mean that some of us have a new activity to partake in after work (I am mostly refering to me).

That’s not a margarita but it’s as close as I’ve been to one in a while.

I think this holiday was invented by Jimmy Buffet and his Parrothead cohorts down in Margaritaville. Whatever the case may be, it is day for relaxing. Well, at least that’s what I keep telling myself for no particular reason. I am not even under any abnormal amount of stress or anything and I went to sleep at like 10 last night.

Anymews, in order for me to get into serious relax mode, I like to light up some patchouli incense, play a little Brian Eno, and sit lotus style on the edge of my bed. Sike not really. I’ll listen to music like Yo Yo Ma Does the Tango or something and just zone out. Also, playing Solitaire is really relaxing to me. I also like vegging out on my bed. That’s about it. Sounds boring. Tee hee. What about you?

How do you like to relax?