Happy Birthday Victoria Justice!

It’s February 19th, which means it’s teen queen Victoria Justice‘s birthday! The star of Nickeolodeon‘s Victorious turns 19 today…so it’s her golden birthday too! It’s been a crazy year for Victoria filled with a hit TV show, movie premieres and most recently some nominations at the Kids Choice Awards. Here’s some reasons we think Victoria is awesome…

1. She’s funny! If you’ve never seen an episode of Victorious (or even Zoey 101) you definitely need to check it out! Victoria has great comedic timing and makes the various crazy situations the cast find themselves in hysterical. She’s also got a pretty funny obsession with mustaches!

2. She’s honest. Victoria isn’t afraid to speak her mind. When she was on the cover of Seventeen magazine last year, her article revealed how relatable she is to teenage girls everywhere. She talked high school parties and dating, but explained how important it was to make responsible choices.

3. She’s charitable. Victoria is a supporter of the organization Girl Up, which helps empower girls all around the world in less fortunate situations to become educated, reach their full potential and follow their dreams. In September, Victoria even took a trip to Guatemala to meet some of the girls that the charity had assisted!

4. She’s multi-talented. This girl can sing, act AND dance. That’s pretty impressive to us!

5. She has a great relationship with her fans. If you go to Victoria’s official Twitter, you’ll notice she always makes a great effort to connect with her fans. She’s also talked about being responsible and knowing that she needs to be a good role model for her younger fans!


Happy Birthday Victoria! Do you watch Victorious?