We Are The In Crowd Reach An All Time Low

Oh collaborations, how we love you. The latest in new hook-ups is the announcement that We Are The In Crowd are releasing a re-worked version of “Kiss Me Again“…featuring All Time Low‘s Alex Gaskarth–they’ve even filmed a music video for it.

After just having completed their UK tour, they shot a video together on February 8th which, thanks to the age of the internet, we now know that it’ll have a little bit of geek chic, leg warmers and maybe some The Artist-inspired imagery…or perhaps that’s just Instagram fooling us.

From the Tumblr of Mike Ferri:

The band and the frontman have dueted live before and now, their version has been recorded and will be released as a new single. You can view one of their performances below, and compare it to the original too.

Are you excited to hear of this collaboration?

Would you prefer that they released the original track or are you ecstatic that Alex Gaskarth will be in the video… with leg warmers?