Three For Free: Ashland High AKA Trace Cyrus, Paper Route and Swound! Give Away Their Music

If your New Year’s Resolutions included “Must save money” and “Must listen to more music”, you’re in luck as here are three new additions to your iTunes library which won’t cost you a single penny. Hooray for frugality!

Ashland High

Thinking this ‘Ashland High’ guy looks a little like the former Metro Station frontstation, Trace Cyrus? Well you would be correct in your deductions as they are in the fact the same. Ashland High is an “electro/POP artist started in 2010” (even though sole member Trace was ‘started’ 22 years earlier). To generate buzz, his entire debut album, “Geronimo”, is being given away for free and a product-placement riddled video for “Jealous Lover” has been dropped online which explains how he’s paying the bills.

Official links: Twitter, Facebook, Website, FREE DOWNLOAD

Paper Route

Paper Route are very kindly selling their debut album for the bargain price of nothing! Now, I know what you’re thinking “But didn’t those guys have an album out, like, aaages ago?” … well this is it – their 2009 first full length “Abscence”. So if you enjoyed these guys when they supported Paramore, Lights, Owl City (or any one of the many other acts they’ve toured with) but never bought their album, today is your lucky day. If you’re already a Paper Route fan and in possession of their entire discography, there’s something for you too – their new single “Better Life” also has a cost price of zilch.

Links: Twitter, Facebook, Website, FREE DOWNLOAD


What do you get when you four brothers from the Isle of Man make music together? A band, obviously. The onomatopoeia loving Swound! may not be giving away an entire album away, and their offering of single “Big Trouble” may have been online since last year (..well a week and a bit ago) but they earn their place on the list on the back of their Yo Gabba Gabba! jingle they did two years ago which will always be their career highlight for me anyway.

Links: Twitter, Facebook, Website, FREE DOWNLOAD

Which is your favourite freebie?